Creating a ZeroTier-to-Amazon-VPC Gateway




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    Thank you very much! This looks very usable.

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    Adam Ierymenko

    Before route management this could be done with bridging and hacks on the Amazon side (ebtables!) to make it look like a true L2 network instead of Amazon's fake one, but this was painful. This is indeed a lot easier, which is why we decided to write it up now.

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    I've tried the same thing with DigitalOcean, unfortunately I can't get it to work and I found the following: Unfortunately, this configuration will not work due to the anti-spoofing ruleset we have in place to protect your droplets. You're correct that everything works on the way out, but where this gets caught is in the return path from the gateway droplet to your private IP only droplet. Since it the gateway box is attempting to send a packet that has a different source address from itself, it will not be allowed through. (source=

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